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Eight exciting two linen wires, each with arrival and departure platforms and small walks across multiple platforms. The speed of the cable varies with wind speed.

Minimum height 4 feets

Maximum weight 300 pounds.

You should be it the park 30 minutes before tour

Close toes shoes is required


The Zipline Roller or ToroRoller, has a height of 60 feet. It is for children and adults 7 years and older. It is composed of rope fields, obstacles and climbing towers. It is the only Roller of this size that has been built for outdoor activities, exclusively designed for ToroVerde. Which makes it unique worldwide.

It is designed for the enjoyment of the whole family and spend endless hours of adventures with the security and adrenaline that only ToroVerde can offer. Participantes are not allowed to carry objects which may fall.

Participants are NOT allowed to go on the Rollorglider with:

-Long hair (Must be tied)
-No sandals or slip- off shoes

-Wearing a skirt

Duration of activity: 1 hour

Participants restrictions:

- Minimum weight : 50 pounds

-Maximum weight: 270pounds

-Minimum height: 4 feet

-Minimum age: 7 years

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